Things to Consider In Making Custom Challenge Coins

Have you decided to make your own challenge coin? If you do not know how to make your own design, you may want to read the following things that you must consider in making custom challenge coins.

1. Event

Custom challenge coins are usually used as tokens of appreciation during a certain event. Such coins are commonly distributed at special events such as retirement parties, birthday parties, events showcasing a person’s bravery, fantasy football drafts, bachelor events, memorial ceremonies, poker tournaments, and business conferences. Many people utilize challenge coins in different ways which can bring fun and excitement to everyone.

2. Artwork

Before calling a certain company that offers custom challenge coins, you should decide what the design of the coin will be. Bear in mind that the design should be unique to the extent that people can easily recognize that it is yours. The image or insignia that is placed on the coin should be a good representation of what the event is all about. In case, you are giving it to someone special to you, the design must be related to him or something that can make him smile. You may include images like cultural symbols, monuments, sports teams, flags, and dates.
Custom Challenge Coins

3. Hard or Soft Enamel

Soft and hard enamels are not related to the hardness and softness of the output. These enamels pertain to the finishing process utilized to finish the coin. Hard enamel offers a smoother texture because an ample amount of pain is flushed along the coin’s edges. In contrast, soft enamel offers a coin with raised metal edges which make the coin rough and dimensional. Hard enamel is more expensive than soft enamel.

4. Quantity

You need to know how many coins you need. If your purpose is to give it to your family members, then you may just order a small amount of coins. If the custom challenge coins are to be distributed at a special event, you may need to order coins in bulk. In this case, you don’t know what the exact number of attendees is, but you can estimate the number of coins you need. If you think that there will be 100 participants, order 125 coins or more. It is best to order coins more than what you expect to play safe.

5. Plating

Plating is the term referring to the exterior covering of a custom challenge coin. The different types of plating include black nickel, black metal, high-polished silver, gold or bronze, and antiqued silver, bronze or gold.

Custom Challenge Coins

6. Size

The size of a coin is in terms of diameter. Usually, custom challenge coin companies use U.S measurement system. The usual size of a challenge coin is bigger than a U.S. dollar coin. Coin diameters are ranging from 1.5 inches up to 3 inches.

7. Edge

There are different types of edges that may be done to challenge coins. You can choose from flat edge, spur edge, flat weave edge, rope cut edge, oblique line edge, and diamond cross cut edge.

Any company manufacturing challenge coins would ask you what design specifications you want for your coin. If you are not ready or not aware of the possible design specifications, you may end up having a coin you don’t like at all. Be sure to study the above-mentioned things first before calling a challenge coin maker. Do not just agree with the company if they offer a design to you.

You must examine it first if it satisfies your personal preference. If not, then you can contact another custom challenge coin company. Once you know what design you want for your coin, feel free to propose it to the coin maker and know if he can make it.

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The Uses of Patches in Marketing a Business

If you are just starting a business, what plans do you think that will make it more attractive and popular to the market? The traditional way we use in marketing a business is by telling it personally to our relatives, friends and to other people. But, now a days, there are more ways we can do in order to completely promote our business.

One of the newest, and unique ways to promote a business is by using the embroidered patch. This is made of up threads that are commonly attached into a clothing or fabric material. We usually see such add-ons in school and office uniforms. These patches are traditionally used for the purpose of showing that we belong to a certain group or organization. But, as our environment is constantly changing, things are endlessly being developed and discovered.

Patches are a unique marketing tool for any kind of business:

Custom Patches
More customers will be attracted to a business if they will be able to receive a unique gift. One of the reasons on why the embroidered patch is a good way of advertising a business, is because it is affordable.

If you have a low budget, the embroidered patch can be a great solution to boost your business, without spending too much money.If you have a food business, you may set up a specific meal plus a free custom embroidered patch. Aside from your delicious meal, your customers will surely remember your business name through looking at the embroidered patch.

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Patches are also multipurpose:

It can be attached to any fabric or clothing material like shirts, pants, jackets and bags. Different varieties have varying uses.In marketing your business, especially in the industry of clothing wear, you may use the custom embroidered patch to add design and creativity in your products. Patches can add life to your clothing products. You may attach different designs like in polo shirts and pants.

Uses of Patches At Patches4Less, we provide you the kind of embroidered patch that is applicable to any kind of fabric material. You can choose from the different backing options we offer, as well as from the right and perfect colors you want to be used in making the patch. You can see the detailed information and prices of our products on our website at

The style and appearance of the patches add a boost to any marketing endeavor, whatever the business. If the embroidered patch has a unique design, the customers will be more attracted to it. For some people who are interested in collecting such items, you can add a meaning to their hobbies and interests. If your patch became one of their collections, it will be a great pleasure for you and to your business.

Patches4Less offers different colors of custom embroidered patch:

You can choose between our metallic threads and standard colors with varying tones and shades.We give our clients the right in choosing the most appropriate color for their embroidered patch. We also give a free shipping within the USA, and we do not charge for making and revising the artwork and design.We are your one stop source of custom embroidered patch. Visit our site, and you will surely experience a best service from our staff.

The embroidered patch is really a great help in marketing a business. You can use this as one of the best means in advertising your products and services. With an affordable price and high quality material, you can easily achieve the success of your business with the help of the custom embroidered patch. Always keep in mind that it is not only about giving it to the other people, but it is also a way of showing that you deserve to have a name in the industry you have chosen.
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5-Step Plan To Get The Career You Want – A Motivational Speaker Success Guide

A motivational speaker is someone who engages and inspires people to see things on a positive light. Almost all of them are writers, mentors or businessmen who give sensible talks in different settings like universities, companies, or conferences. While there is no singular formula to success, the speaker’s role is to add value to people and produce an empowered mindset. If you want to be a winner in your career, you need to sharpen your mind and explore ways to have a break in your chosen field. Our goal in motivational-speaker-success is to provide you perfect solutions that are attainable and best of all, effective inputs that can change and improve your life.

Can you envision yourself having a good career where the payoff is equal to your paycheck? Just imagine having to work with joy and use the rest of your time on quality relationships with your family and friends. Many of us would like to experience having a blissful and a balanced career in our lives even though it may seem unimaginable.

Motivational speaker

So what does it take to pursue the career you want? Or what are the steps to embrace the changes in your professional life?

With the right wave of thoughts, we at motivational-speaker-success can redesign specific programs according to your needs. One of our objectives is to help you recognize basic principles, practical tips, and well-researched methods that totally give you great results in finding the right success plan for you.

Sometimes, it is as if we are given two choices: a career to love or a career to hate. Choosing what is best for you is almost the same as finding a partner in life. You would have to be married first to fully uncover.

Here are 5 helpful steps that will guide you on your road to get the career you truly want.

1. Number one, “reading books and choosing the right mentor”.

Nourish your mind with books and travel with passion! Receive materials and listen to every bit of helpful funding to the soul. Your journey towards finding success is the road map itself! It will be much useful if you also take note on what our motivational-speaker-success program has to recommend. These instructions from us are designed to give you a precise step-by-step respond that will definitely lead you to make the right choices.

2. Secondly, “Stories of successful and unsuccessful people”.

These stories help you understand what success really means. Success doesn’t mean having everything right in your life. It can sometimes say to you that you have understood and realized the sacrifices you have made that made you experience success. The life background of your motivational speakers will tell you on point why they want to share with you their hard- earned acumen.

Keynote speaker

3. The third step is to “observe the people around you”.

the people you hang out with, talk with, cry with, or share joy with are most often than not, those people who belong to the same circle or situation you are currently in. So if you want to step up the game of success and want to move out in that cycle, try shifting your thoughts and make yourself available to meet other people you would like yourself to be.

4. Fourthly, “invest in training and educational materials”.

You have to attend seminars and invest in education so that you can fully experience how tangible success can be. Reading books, traveling, or experiencing our very reliable motivational-speaker-success guide are one of the many helpful materials that allows you to mingle with victory and redirect you to the right avenue towards becoming a winner in your chosen field.

5. And lastly, “absorb and apply”.

It is important that we act on our goals so that success can materialize. You cannot stay in the “isle” that sounds “I’ll” which means I’ll do that, I’ll think about it, I’ll try that someday, or I’ll be that kind of person one day. The future of our success is created in the present.

Choosing the right career can be a living or a fortune for you. Be the first person to go through the difficulties and the rewards of making that change. Find your passion, do your tasks, and get the career you’ve always wanted.

Golf Iron Sets In Focus

Playing golf may be difficult and complicated at first since you need to know about a lot of equipment. The basic thing you need to know are golf clubs, of course. Basically, they are the tools used to strike golf balls. Typically, a set of golf clubs includes a set of woods, a hybrid, golf iron sets, and a putter. All in all, there should be 12 clubs. Other golfers have 14 clubs and this is the maximum number of clubs allowed in golf.

Usually, these two add-ons consist of a specialty hybrid and a wedge.

Golf iron sets in particular are made of metal and are extremely necessary for distances less than 200 yards from the green. The standard set has 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 irons and the pitching wedge. Basically, the closer you are to the green means the higher iron you should use and the higher the iron means the higher the degree of loft. Usually, the 3 and 4 irons are actually difficult to hit so most golfers are now considering switching to 7 and 9 woods with higher lofts. Beginners especially women, seniors, and golfers with high handicaps are starting to use this technique.

Golf Iron SetsGolf iron sets are named differently as well. 1, 2, and 3 irons are called long irons and they have little loft. As a result, they may send the ball to a farther distance. Meanwhile, the 4, 5, and 6 irons are the middle irons. They are ideal to use of the ball is 150 to 170 yards from the green. Finally, the 7, 8, and 9 irons are called the short irons which could get the ball into the air quickly. Normally, golf iron sets contains irons 3 to 9 since 1 and 2 are quite complicated to master.

The appearances of irons are thin and their club faces are grooved. There are different types of irons too. Beginners and recreational ones may prefer cavity back or blade styles while experts may choose the muscle back style. The blade style has a full back on the rear of the club head while the cavity back is its exact opposite as it is hollowed out.

Using the blade style allows perimeter weighing which could be very useful for starters.

The muscle back is more traditional consisting of a solid metal head. The design makes its metal distributed around the club head and as a result, this style has a smaller sweet spot. A golfer using this needs consistent swings for accurate and straight shots. If you are a novice using the muscle back, chances are you could miss your shots. On the other hand, the cavity back consists of an investment casting which allows durability and precision. Thus, there is a larger sweet spot for a golfer to hit since the club head’s weight is redistributed.

Buying irons may be a difficult task for a beginner but you could always seek the help of a professional or do your own research.

Playing golf is a fun hobby and who knows?

GolfYou might take it to the next level and play it as a pro. Just make sure that in purchasing your equipment, you choose what is best for you as not all equipment are the same. This is the reason why there are separate categories of products for men, women, and even lefties. Remember, having the correct golfing equipment will help you own your game.

If you are looking for golf iron sets, it is recommended that you limit your search to reputable dealers both offline and online. This ensures that the clubs you get are of good quality and will serve you well for years to come.

FAQs About Being An Article Writer

     Given how much society and technology has changed in the past century, it’s hardly surprising that quite a lot of new jobs have emerged. While technology has rendered certain professions obsolete, it has also created a new job market that has some pretty unique requirements.

       writerBeing an article writer is one of the most recent jobs to emerge in the Internet age. Now that businesses need to maintain an online presence to stay competitive, there are a lot of vacancies for people who specialize in providing quality content for websites, blogs, and social media accounts. More often than not, an article writer is hired to fill that void.

        An article writer’s job is pretty basic when you think about it. He is given a topic to produce a number of articles on, along with a deadline for completing the writing assignment. As with any other profession, it has its own pros and cons. While it can take a while for anyone to establish himself as an article writer and thus be worth a bigger paycheck to boot, the flexibility and relative control that comes with the job can often make up for it.

        For those who are interested in going down this particular route, the following are just some of the most frequently-asked questions:

  1. How do you get started as an article writer?

Much like in a typical profession, you need to start from the bottom and work your way up. Sign up at a freelance agency or at a writing forum and bid for writing jobs that crop up. These will most likely be low-paying jobs as you will need to prove your skill as a writer first before you can start to demand higher rates. However, the point of such an exercise is to hone your writing skills and to build a reputation amongst potential clients.

  1. Why should I do pro-bono work?

You don’t have to accept every offer that comes your way (especially if they offer nothing but exposure as compensation), but volunteering to a well-respected blog with a wide readership can be a great opportunity for you. Exposure to the right audience is certainly a perk of such a practice, but you would also be able to get good feedback on your work from the blog’s most active readers.

If the blog you contribute to happens to produce the same kind of content that you wish to churn out, then such feedback will prove to be very beneficial for finding your writing voice.

  1. Will I be able to support myself working as an article writer?

Not at the beginning, perhaps, since rookie writers often get paid around USD0.01 per word. This translates to about USD5 per hour since it roughly takes that time to research and write the article. If you are just starting out, it would be a good idea to take on a part-time job or two to support your living expenses as you work on your craft.

If you work on your writing and manage to market yourself well, then it’s also possible for you to charge as high as USD100 per landing page that you create.

  1. How do I get better at it?

You need to practice a lot and to read a lot. There’s simply no way around it. The best article writers have refined their skills through years and years of practice and thus, writing quality content becomes second nature to them.

It would also be a good idea to seek feedback from your clients and your agency, or if this is not possible, have a friend read over your work and give their two cents over its quality.