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Safety Tips in Using Portable Storage Containers

Portable storage containers in their simple appearance and design can seem so harmless. It is just a box anyway, so how can it pose any hazard to anyone using it?

The truth is with improper handling and use, portable storage containers can actually be dangerous. You have to remember that these steel boxes are very heavy and they have wheels attached at the bottom to make them portable.

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Therefore, unsafe practices can result to injuries that you would never want to happen to you. To avoid those injuries, here are some safety tips on using portable storage containers.

Stay Clear During Delivery and Pick Up

Storage containers are very bulky and although the drivers who transport these are well-trained in their jobs, accidents can happen if kids suddenly run at the sides or back of the container while it is being parked or picked up. Drivers may not see you or your kids and may hit you. That includes your pets too. Therefore, stay clear until the driver has turned the engine off and has dismounted the vehicle.

Be Careful in Opening and Closing the Container

As with any doors, ensure that the tracks of the door are clear before slamming it shut. Kids, especially, may have their hands on the track and get hurt if the door closes on them. This is why kids should be advised to keep away from portable storage containers without supervision. You should practice caution when opening the doors. If you have loaded it with heavy items, there is a chance that some of that have slid during transport and are standing next to the door. Open it slowly to ensure that no object is about to fall off.

Be Mindful of Sharp Edges

Storage containers are made of steel and although they have a smooth finish while brand new, corrosion and bumps can cause some edges to protrude. These can be very sharp, so inspect well before leaning on the sides or grasping the surface.

Lock at All Times

Your kids may find the storage container an ideal place to play games and that can be very dangerous if they accidentally become trapped inside. To prevent that, never leave the door of the container open and ensure that the lock is in place.

Do not Load the Top

The top portion of the container may be a tempting area to place other items that do not need special care. The problem is that these items can slide to the side and hit anyone who is standing below it.

Park in Flat Surface

Portable Storage ContainerAs much as possible,storage containers have to be laid on a flatsurface to prevent their contents from sliding. However, if this is impossible, meaning your available area is on an incline, then be wise in loading your container. Bulky items must be on the innermost portion and the door of the container must be directed at the uphill side of the slope, so that even if the contents will slide, they will not cause any harm once you open the door. Do not worry about the container rolling because their wheels have good locking system that will keep them in place. Speaking of which, however, ensure that you do not unlock the wheels by yourself. Let the experts handle it.

Follow Maximum Weight

These steel containers, although sturdy, still have an allowable maximum load. You should follow this, especially if you intend to transport it. Also remember to keep the weight balanced inside the container, which means that you must distribute the weight evenly on the available space.

A seemingly harmless box may not pose any threat; but as you can see, improper use can cause undesirable injuries. Fortunately, you can avoid all that by following the above safety tips and you can then continue to use the storage container without trouble at all.